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How We Help You

Every market is different and leverage in commercial real estate deals is a delicate, dynamic concept. Although you can make progress independently, we work lease option renewals everywhere in the country and can help you gain additional capital over your next term. We'll help you to gain leverage in your situation by interfacing directly with your landlord and making the most of your opportunities.

We work on a performance-based method, contingent on the money we save you, thus, you face a win-win concept in engaging our services.  In short, we earn a percentage of what we save you, so everybody wins.

One of the main challenges with lease option renewals is making sure you notify your landlord in the right timeframe of your desire to renew.  Especially in the current climate, which is generally a 'landlord's market', you MUST notify your landlord of your intentions by your Notification Date.  


We have seen successful tenants pushed out of their space if they do not notify in time. Relationships are important, but if a landlord sees the opportunity to get additional rent from a new tenant, they may just kick you out if you give them the opening.  


We have created proprietary software (The Renewal Database) in which we plug mandatory lease renewal notification dates and the software sends out reminders a specific number of days out.  This is an important tool for us as we keep track of multiple deals across many different markets.  We utilize this ourselves on deals that we work for clients and we offer our tenants the opportunity to access it it themselves if they would like to.  It sounds simple, but it's not always so obvious.  We make sure you don't miss your date!


See more about The Renewal Database here.

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Lease Renewal Consultants has saved me so much stress and money, I would recommend to any tenant, whether corporate or franchise, whether you have 1 store, 20 or 100!  He handles thes eprocess better than anybody.

Mark Kalas, Sport Clips franchisee in Chicago

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